Welcome to my page. I hope you find everything to your satisfaction.
Please forgive the absence of bells and whistles. I prefer to keep things
as clean as possbile. If you would like to comment on it, or on anything
else for that matter, please do.


  • I added my trip to Minnesota (2003.12.25-2004.01.02)
  • I updated all the galleries in the photo album to be compatible with popup blockers. I also uploaded some images my isp 'lost'. :/ I'll update some other galleries as I have time.
  • I got tired of the old layout. I'm still working the bugs out of this one. If you have any comments or questions let me know.
  • I fixed the back button on this site. Previously you had to click back twice to get to the previous content frame. I've fixed that. YAY!
  • I updated MGallery again. This time it supports adding new thumbnails to an existing gallery without re-creating all the ones that already exist. There's also the ability to control the size of the thumbnails in the program (as opposed to having to edit the thumbnail size in the config file like you used to)
  • Added June First Friday to the album.
  • Added my Minnesota 2002 trip to the album.
  • Added Marcella's birthday bash to the album.
  • I've updated MGallery again. I did some small style changes and made it a little better.
  • Added Train Wreck to the album.
  • I moved "Poetry Slam" in the album to a sub item of Acenza (2003.01.08 to be exact)
  • Added "Trips" to the Album
    1. Added Cali 2003.05 (This is the weekend trip to see Rick graduate)
    2. Moved Short Trip into "Trips"
  • I've added Laura to the album under Friends.
  • I've added Sugar Daddy's to the album.
  • I've also added a Graham Central to the album.
  • I've added Cindy to the the friends section of my album.
  • I've also added a section called Acenza to the album as well.
  • I've updated the MGallery program. Since aristophren on Livejournal mentioned that he didn't think the very large size of the images in my galleries looked good when a user clicked on the corresponding thumb I've added a frame padding feature in MGallery. Now you can specify the minimum total padding (empty space) around the sides of an image when it pops up. Enjoy.
  • I've added Johanna's birthday to the the album section. (Johanna, feel free to email me any comments you would like added to specific pictures. (like in Aprils bday pics)
  • Birthday's in the album section now has a submenu.
    1. I've added Carrie's birthday to the album section.
    2. I've added Bud's birthday to the album section.
    3. I've added April's 2003 birthday.
  • Two Mondays in the album section now has a submenu.
    1. I've put 5 min in Two Mondays.
    2. I've added The Last Monday in Two Mondays.

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