:Old Updates:

  • It's begun! I have so many photos in the album section I'm running out of room on the main menu. I've added a section called 'dancing' which has a submenu. Expect to see more submenus in the future.
  • UPDATE I've added more subs in the album section. Places and Friends both have submenus now.
  • I've added Valentine's Night to the album section as well.
  • I was poking around on the net for a good color fade javascript. I didn't find ONE! So I made one that's a little more powerful, and a little easier to use. you can find it in the code->mine:javascript section.
  • Updated "Naughty Bits" in the word section with 2 more entries (now at 114!)
  • I added one more essay
  • I added a few poems scrounged from the vault. They may not be where I am now, but there's a ghost of me lurking there somewhere..
  • I added a news item as promised!
  • I added a section in word called "Random words" it has phrases, fragments of thoughts... things that I think are cool, but for one reason or another didn't get into Naughty bits.
  • Updated "Naughty Bits" in the word section with almost 20 more entries
  • I added an essays section with a couple VERY short essays. More soon to come (along with an article in the news section)
  • I added a gallery dedicated to MY M3 in the auto section.
  • Opened Ana Claudia Michels gallery
  • Updated Nikki Taylor Gallery (images 123+ are new)
  • Updated MGallery
    1. Simplified internal data architecture
    2. Added support for picture popup 'close on click'
  • Added shows photos to Auto->M3
  • Eliminated a bug in MGallery that caused it to save image_gallery_index and image_gallery_menu with different file names when opening galleries that did not use the default gallery name.
  • Updated fems
    1. Added Eva Herzigova gallery
    2. Added Nina Brosh gallery
  • NEW AND IMPROVED MGALLERY! ok, well sorta. I added some stuff to the config file and killed a bug I found when I was making the thumbs for the above 2 galleries. As a result Thumbnail_Maker is no longer used and the thumbnail making process is threaded. (so you can work on your comments while it's making the thumbnails).
Added a some car links
Small bug fix in MGallery. It prevented using the "Get Image" button to get the last image in the ToolTip panel list.
  • MGallery updated AGAIN!
    1. In the file menu there is now an "Open+Add" item. If you have files you'd like to add to a gallery just copy them to the gallerie's folder and choose open+add instead of open. MGallery will add the new files to the end of the gallery.
    2. THUMBNAILS! Courtesy of ImageJ and Thumbnail_Maker MGallery now has the ability to create thumbnails. Note that there are 2 versions now, MGallery and, just below it MGallery + Thumbs. Don't Download the wrong one.
  • I added another photo to Cricket's gallery. I also added 2 10 second clips of the new owners driving it.
  • The newer versions of the MGallery (or the script it writes) were pissing me off.
    1. Each time you clicked a link to the image the gallery would open a small window, then resized it to fit the image. While it worked, it looked a little like the computer was fidgeting. I fixed it. Now when a gallery loads it blips up one little window that instantly dissapears, that's it. As long as you don't change your screen resolution between when the gallery loads and when you click on a pic everything works as we as, or better than, before.
    2. Oh, I also enabled a checkbox that allows you to choose to reuse the popup window or to spawn each image in a separate window. If you choose to reuse the same window it pops to the top when a new image is loaded in it.NOTE:Nothing else in the popup panel works. Just that one checkbox. I'll clean it up later.
  • I've run the latest version of MGallery on my photo albums; this results in and enhanced viewing experience. (Microspeak) ;)
  • The Heidi Klum gallery is now available for viewing.
  • I removed the M3 link and replaced it with 'auto'.
  • Added a gallery of my most recent Rx-7, 'Cricket' to the Rx-7 page (in Auto)
So download the latest version of MGallery!
  • Uploaded an updated version of MGallery. Changed the way images are stored in the javascript file. Fixed a bug that caused the second image's information to be the first displayed in the MGallery ToolTip popup window.
  • Uploaded an updated version of MGallery. Fixed a bug that kept the tooltips from appearing on Unix based servers.
  • Tool tips now work in galleries I uploaded on 2003.01.03
  • After many (annoying) requests, the Natalie Portman gallery is up.
  • I added a really cool video of an M3 running from, ahem, "bad boys bad boys, a whatcha.." :)
  • Added Starbuck's Egg Nog to Photo Album.
  • Added New Years 2002-3 to Photo Album.
  • Uploaded an updated version of MGallery.
Added the section M3 to the menu on the left. If you like, check it out.
I added an application called MGallery to my programs in code section.
Added an article about video games in the news section.
It was a time of great rejoycing! All Fems galleries are now NS6/Mozila compatible. You poor bastards can finally see some light! I'll do the others galleries pretty soon. (and let you know).

I improved the Fems gallery's compatibility with Mozila/Netscape. Main menu image mouseovers work, and you can view the FIRST page of each gallery. To do more is going to require some serious time (lotsa pages). I expect I'll be revamping the other galleries in the same manner pretty soon.


I added 2 journal entries. I took many pictures while I was out of town. Few came out right (camera sux). I'm going to add more journal entries soon. I need to pick the 'least bad' images to go along with them.
It's been a little while. I've been pretty busy.
Updated PopUp in code/me/java to work with JRE 1.4. I also squashed an old bug or 2. (see readme in .rar) Expect Journal updates in the next few days.
Opened Kim Smith gallery in fems
Added 2 journal entries
I just added some exceptionally BAD poetry. DON'T read it
I've also made a few tiny back end changes that should make your browsing more pleasant.
My links page is now accessible directly from the main menu.
I added a the news section. It has things I've seen around the net, in papers, magazines, etc. Expect a wide variety of material.
Naughty Bits has a few more foolish sayings. (Twenty, to be exact)
Added several journal entries, NOT all in sequential order.
Uploaded new version of File Renamer. It now supports limited case modification + directory recursion(for case mod only)
Added several journal entries
I dug up some stuff from the '90s, back when I was unsophisticated... :)
Oh, if you want me to update my page, you can keep asking me, I'll get around to it. What amazes me is that no-one has suggested any improvements for the site except MORE MORE MORE. There has to be SOMETHING I can improve on....
Opened Rebecca Romijn in Fems
Opened Nikki Tayor in Fems
Added a journal entry
I also set "Welcome" above as a flash object. I'm planning on adding more flash to the site over time. Let me know if you think this is a good or bad idea.
Opened Adriana Sklenarikova gallery in Fems.
Wow, this month has been pretty crazy. When I'm not working I've been writing a cheezy light cycles based java game. About the only update to this page in that time is the main menu description. I got rid of the evil border. I'll be adding more stuff pretty soon. I've had to renistall my O/S on my laptop and misplaced all the programs I used to keep this site updated. If I don't find a backup somewhere I'll have to write them again (Grrrr)...
I've updated the album section.
I added California, Friends, and Short Trip.
Naughty Bits has a few more foolish sayings.
I've updated the photos section.
There are now things to look at there. My album is up with images. I've just uploaded the ASU section. Also, I'll be adding commentary to these pictures (and future ones) as time permits.
Fem has some images in it now as well. I would note that it is not intended for people unable to handle what humans really look like.
It's down. For now it's going to stay down. Too many women asking me to take my cloths off..
Come on people! I'm more than just a body!!!!

I just got the latest version of my file renaming application working with a gui (code/mine/java section). The source code isn't there as I hope to get it using threads without violating my object model (like that's going to happen!) also, you will need to have the donovan package in your 'classpath' environment variable for this application to work.
Ok, so I borrowed a web cam from work. It's up. AIM me: Relativity Boy. If you want to see more than the inside of my scanner! : )
Added a journal entry
I've setup the basics for the fem section of photo. Please let me know what you think!!
(I'm also open to reqests if you'd like to see various people, landscapes, or other imagery)
Added a journal entry
Within the next week you should start portions of the photo section opening up. Tell me what you want to see! (I'm not putting any GRATUTIOUS nudity up)
Added a journal entry
Added a journal entry
Added a journal entry
Added journal entry page and an entry.
The site is live at last! I've not put much into it yet but I'm sure it will get better (and bigger) as time goes on. Many of the links don't work. Please forgive.

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