This article was taken from the Eel River Reporter. Written by Nancy Peregrine.

When research scientists found breast cancer cells growing wildly in petri dishes that had not had a growth stimulant added, they were mystified. By contacting the petri dish manufacturer, they were able to trace the growth stimulant to a change in the petri dish plastic formula, to which a plasticizer had been added.

Plasitcizers are chemically known as phthalates. They are often used as a softening agent in plastic formulas. They have been found to trigger breast cancer growth, as mentioned, as well as alter the hormones of adults and children. They have been termed "endocrine disrupotrs". Besides sticking to our thyroid hormones in the cells, they are found to alter the reproductive system's program for development. Many girls are now experiencing "precocious puberty," growing breasts and pubic hair as early as ages 6-7. Boys are being born with micropenises and undescended testicles. Sherry Rogers, MD, an expert in environmental medicine, says, "Phthalates, which are known carcinogens as well as hormone mimics, are like fertilizer for cancers of the breast and prostate."

The high level of phthalates in our bodies amazes government scientists. But why is it surprising? We buy many of our foods and beverages in plastic. Babies are fed in warmed plastic baby bottles. Many people buy all of their drinking and cooking water in plastic.

Bottled drinking water uptakes plasticizers from the container, especially when stored in a warm environment. Hopefully that same waster is not then micro-waved in plastic, as microwaves greatly increase the molecule exchange! Even boxed beverages contain a plastic lining, and canned goods have a lacquer lining that is found to have the same action as phthalates in 7 of every 10 cans. The positive extrapolation here is that 3 of every 10 can linings do not have this toxic action.

Until the buying public challenges the manufacturers, there will not be an impetus for change. Meanwhile, do all you can to avoid phthalates in your diet. The main way they leave our bodies is by sweating, as through sauna. Sherry Rogers recommends a new type of sauna that does not overly heat the body, the far infrared sauna. Stay healthy!