The following links are sorted into several major categories. I may at some point decide to anchor these. Until then; scroll.

ANANDTECH is a place I've dogged many times in the past but it's good for an alternate perspective on computer hardware.
CNN is a news agency devoted to high quality disinformation. (joke)
SHARKY EXTREME is a site devoted to computers with gamers in mind. They've pretty good price lists for processors and memory
SLASHDOT : This is one of the best sites on the web for everything from technology to politics.
TOM'S HARDWARE is a pretty good site about new hardware and technologies in the computer industry.
: CSS, DHTML, FLASH, HTML, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT REFERENCE : has some good html information is the organization responsible for standards like xml, html, and css. They are THE authority on how it SHOULD be done. (note that this may not be the way your browser does it) is a very nice site for flash tutorials. is Sun's Java page I don't think I need to say anything about this one I like it!
: ARTS :
Didn't you know? There isn't any!
: FRIENDS SITES : This guy has been a friend of mine for a long, long, time. You never know what you'll find on this site.
Bill Ravel Bill and I have known each other since sophmore year in high school. He's pretty cool and a DAMNED good piano player. (when he's not hamming it up ; ) )
Tony Ash When I met him I thought he was Satan. Later he admitted to it. One of these days he'll remember to invite me to another one of his parties.
2 advanced This site keeps changing. It's a resume page for a small flash developement company. You'd better have bandwith!
: BUSINESS & FINANCIAL : has pretty good stock info more info
history of the Rio Car The history of the empeg/Rio Car. (for those who don't know what it is) The root site for all things empeg OS independent file upload utility for the empeg
: Autos :
Bimmerforums a good place to talk about BMWs this was once a the favorite forum for Phoenix bimmer owners. It's still a good site, but most people here in phoenix use this is one very nice 330. a good place to talk about second gen Rx-7s